Online Reputation Reviews Platform

Are you looking to manage and take control of your companies search results? Are negative reviews hurting your business? We can help! We’re a performance based online reputation company that can help you and your company take control of your online search reputation.

Don’t let disgruntled employees, ex-loved ones, or competitors ruin your business through online review platforms. At RepFix we help you stay in control of your Google, Bing, or other search engine results so that future prospects don’t run to your competitors.

Can’t I just remove the reviews?

No! Platforms like Yelp, Google and other search engines do not allow for you to remove the reviews. The only way to remove them is to push down the negative reviews by influencing your positive reviews in a natural way to the search engines. Effectively we help push down the negative pages/listings/reviews and promote the positives, that way Google and other search engines deem the positive sites as the most important listings for your business.